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Brew Co

Fictional Beer Brand

Packaging, Identity, Graphic Design,

Typography, Illustration

Osseus Brew Co is a fictional craft beer brand with a strong sense of self identity born out of a love of craft beer.

The brief was to create a strong brand with values of confidence, strength and a demographic of 18-25 years olds who love unique craft beers.

PNG Logo.png

Final Logo 

Both Bottles Mockup.jpg


Osseus Brew Co's strong and relentless identity is conveyed through the use of strong typefaces like Gin Regular and Oblique and hand drawn typography for a strong contrast.

The Typography goes hand in hand with the hand drawn logo too- adding some contrast and playfulness to the identity without it coming across too serious.

This playful contrast would allow the brand to have its own spotlight on shelves and wider marketing such as posters, social media etc.

Osseus brew Co mockup 3
Both bottle labels.jpg
Bri-Berry Posyer.jpg
Poster 2.jpg
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