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Branding, Graphic Design,

Print Collateral, Illustration, Identity

Muffle is an ecommerce brand specialising in a wide range of acoustic and soundproofing solutions.

Working as the sole in-house designer, I am responsible for maintaining and creating aspects of the branding, from brand guidelines to dynamic print collateral and web & social media work.

MufflePod Oasis Poster acoustic pod in rainforest, acoustic pod, muffle art

MufflePod Magazine Advert

Launching a new acoustic pod with a focus on biophilia and bringing peace to offices.

Graphic Design, Muffle Poster, leaflet design, a5 leaflet design


Muffle is a revolutionary force in the acoustics industry allowing customers to buy sound solutions without the frustration of a middleman.


Muffle's identity was created with a focus on standing out from the crowd, vibrant colours and strong typography to give the brand a playful but serious exterior.

To propel the branding, modernisation was the first step. This included the typeface, introducing new elements and bringing some joy through illustration, dynamic animations and film.

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