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BrassNeck Theatre


Branding, Graphic Design,

Print Collateral, Identity, Editorial

This project considers re-branding Leeds based amateur theatre BrassNeck theatre. This re-brand is to create a fresh and modern identity for BrassNeck in order to update the brand into present day.. (Vanity Project) 


The design for BrassNeck is modern and clean to attract a wide range of theatre goers. 

modern theatre logo, theatre logo, brassneck theatre logo

Final Logo

The concept is a ticket that has been used, this creates a striking and bold brand element

that is easily recognisable and strong.



BrassNeck's rebrand was a vanity project considering rebranding the Leeds based amateur theatre group. 

Giving the brand an updated, modern and polished look achieved a stronger and more fresh identity- one that would encourage more customers to go to the theatre and interact more with the brand.

Theatre Posters, Theatre Design
theatre posters, modern poster, modern theatre posters, legally blonde theatre show
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